Your Window is Your Frame

An exhibition Initiated by Ladakh Arts & Media Organisation

Your Window is Your Frame is a public art project held during the first weeks of the lockdown brought about as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project aimed to bring about a creative response to overcome the days of isolation and despair.

As we all stayed indoors, LAMO felt that a public art project such as this would attempt to inspire people to use the frame of their window to capture the immediate image outside of it. In some cases quite literally, in others the idea of a “Window” can be perceived and understood in a much broader manner, although its ontological presence is very mundane.

Inspired by two paintings by Edward Hopper – the first titled ‘Office in a Small City’ – of a man seated at a desk looking out at the wide expanse in front of him, contemplative yet calm. And the second, his painting titled ‘Nighthawks’ 1942, of a restaurant on New York’s Greenwich Avenue where two streets meet. He captures the loneliness and alienation of the times by painting deserted cityscapes and solitary figures. The isolation in the city during the lockdown was reminiscent of his paintings and inspired this art project to engage the public and to make it more participatory.

Taking this image further, the concept behind the art project was to help people in understanding composition of an image through their window as a frame, it also went beyond, to encourage them to construct / deconstruct / intervene / improvise on the existing image outside, and to convey personal impressions through the final outcome of an artwork. The artworks in themselves varied and entries received covered a wide range of media applications, such as Drawing, Painting, Photography, Poetry and Prose, and short Videos.

This project also carried with it the idea of a constant desire to engage with the outside world, which seemed to be difficult in the time of lockdown and quarantine. So, the desire of the outside world has the potential to touch upon discourses of Memory, Nostalgia, Insider and Outsider among others.

The project and exhibition that followed was an online social-media based initiative, which helps to bring people in touch via their stories and emotions that they share with us every day and more particularly during the lockdown.

-Tsering Motup Siddho

Namgyal Angmo
Rizoris Studio
Stanzin Ladol
Stuti Bhansal
Arpit Sharma